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Within the INTER MEDICO clinic, we are opening another medical specialty for you - Surgery. It deals with the treatment of injuries and diseases through operations performed with hands and instruments. Doctors of surgery are called surgeons.

What we deal with in surgery

Small interventions

  • Removal of skin moles
  • Removal of lipomas
  • Sculpture of the nail bed
  • Simple pilonidal syns
  • Treatment of hemorrhoids
  • Small interventions on the anus

Big interventions

  • Removal of hernia
  • Removal of the gallbladder
  • Appendectomy removal
  • Complicated pilonidal sinuses
  • Hemorrhoid surgery

When to seek surgical help

At the INTER MEDICO clinic we do not accept a certificate from a general practitioner as a condition of treatment. If our client is dealing with health problems, we are able to offer them an appointment right away. During the first visit, the doctor will discuss your medical history with you and ask about any family history of illness. Then, according to the description of the problem, he or she will perform an examination and possible laboratory tests. After collecting the results, he will suggest a solution to the diagnosed problem.

Do not postpone a visit to our surgeon unless:

  • You have pain in the abdomen or groin area
  • You suspect you might have problems with a hernia, gallbladder or chronic appendicitis
  • You have recurrent gallbladder stones
  • You felt a painful and painless lump under your skin
  • Need to remove a birthmark or other skin mole
  • You have a damaged nail bed and your nail is growing into it
  • Feel pain when defecating
  • There was an injury to the anal opening
  • And more

You can read about the symptoms of individual interventions on separate pages on our website.

Where interventions take place

Thanks to our modern and well-equipped surgery room, we can perform small surgical procedures directly at our INTER MEDICO clinic in Prague near the main railway station. Everything is done in the framework of one-day surgery, when the patient after the procedure with his/her companion goes to the peace and comfort of home for recovery. The client comes back to us only for check-ups.

Major surgical procedures will be performed at our contracted workplace in the Na Františku Hospital. You will always be guided through the procedure by your attending physician. We have also arranged superior rooms for you to make you feel comfortable and safe. Unless unexpected problems arise, everything will be conducted within the framework of day surgery.

We are here for you

We have wide office hours and short appointment times. You can make an appointment for surgery now by calling +420 225 990 999, via the contact form or by e-mail at Our clinic is easily accessible by public transport and by car, and we have a secure car park which is free of charge for you during your visit with us. Our professional staff will be happy to look after your comfort throughout your visit.

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